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Quali sono le acque funzionali, e funzionano veramente?

Functional waters are any brand of H2O “enhanced” with special ingredients, like herbs or antioxidants, that supposedly bring health benefits. Some types make sense to drink: Water with added electrolytes may be useful if you exercise a lot and sweat heavily and need to replenish sodium and other electrolytes quickly, or if you have a diarrheal illness and are�potentially losing electrolytes that way. And waters with added vitamins can give you a nutritional boost (though you absorb vitamins better when you get them through food).

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Be more skeptical of any brands�that claim�to alter�the body�s pH, as well as ones�that have added hydrogen�to purportedly�load you�up�with extra antioxidant power. There�s no credible science�to back these claims. One�2012 lab study found that acqua alcalina with a pH of�8.8 neutralized pepsin, a stomach enzyme involved in breaking down food proteins and producing stomach acid, which suggests it might help lenire il reflusso acido�but it hasn�t been studied in people yet.�For the most part, your body is designed to maintain its own pH balance naturally, and what you eat or drink doesn�t change that.

Health�Roshini Rajapaksa, MD, è docente di medicina presso la NYU School of Medicine.